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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yes we can’-Mr.Barack Obama utters

‘Yes we can bring a change to America ;– after having registered immeasurable victory over stalwart rival in presidential election; Mr. Barack Obama has uttered these mind touching words as a promise for new hope to the people of America. Whenever we have a perceptive view with astrology over Libra ascendance has been full with ability of productivity in belligerent leadership for ever as Mahatma Gandhi. Mr. Obama has also got birth in the same thus he is capable to bring a change to America Yet modus operandi of bringing change could be different and irritating for some other kind of people who don’t believe in despotic aspect. As he has took birth in libra; sub lord mercury occupies star of Saturn is situating in 4th house which has been symbolic of public and while mercury [having guided by Venus because of its lordship of sub] is in 10th house in company with sun. Mars is belligerent and playing a defiant role in this horoscopy. It is in the star of sun and self sub while having rapport with houses 2nd 4th 8th as well as 12th.
Second house goes to salvo over enemy and 12th house connects enemy out side from country. In other words those combinations would turn out Mr. Obama to be ruthless against enemy of his soil by taking hard and fast decision. As mars belong to house 2nd and 4th Mr. Obama will be compelled by the planets to clinch a few stark decisions to shore up the crumbling financial state of America. Although taking aggressive decision boldly to dispose of turmoil’s on several burning questions; it would be a messy step for his popularity that is surfing every day a new heights. Now I would try to sum up the spread parts of story that the sub period of sun under the Maha Dasha of Jupiter is going to change with Moon; that is indeed representing sun; is capable to bring prowess leader not only to America but also to world. He would take enormous decision on the war of terror hobnobbing with India to devastate terrorism. Moon sub period will start with 15th of April in 2009. His name will be written with golden ink on the hero’s book for moderating the tantrum of terrorism. He most crosses all the limits after above written date. His birth data is as following-birth Date-04-08-1961 Birth Time-13; 06 P.M. Birth Place-Honolulu.
Astrological analysis-sun109-04-23 Moon-36-46-57 Mars-149-11-40 Mercury-98-35-50 Jupiter-277-38-01 venus-68-16-35 saturn-272-06-06 Rahu-124-40-55 Ketu-40-55
Cusp arithmetic-ascendance-204-15-54 second-233-31-48 3rd-264-08-46 4th-296-15-23 5th-328-25-34 6th-358-06-50 7th-24-15-54 8th-53-31-48 9th-84-08-46 10th-116-15-23 11th -148-25-34 12th-178-06-50.

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