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Friday, March 13, 2009

Who will be fated to rule over India?
At last; call for new Lok Sabha has been scheduled out. Election is a huge as well as sacred festival for any one independent democratic country like India. Preparations are being started by adopting several kinds of gestures to woo the vote to retrieve over the power by all the political parties but lucky some one would be endowed with faith given by the people of India and who would be that lucky one is the biggest question. Hereon we will strive to find out the lucky one through K.P.system the consummative skill power of calculation in astrology. At national level there are two biggest parties in India- B.J.P. and Congress-I. B.J.P. has took birth 06-04-1982 at Delhi is being dominated by Gemini ascendance and from today to over up to Lok Sabha election will pass through Venus Maha Dasha and sub period of Mercury along with sub sub period of again Venus. In astrology house-10th is symbol of power; in the horoscopy of B.J.P.10th cusp sub lord Moon is in the star of Mercury and in the sub of Rahu. Both planets don’t have either type of rapport with signage of the power. Having situated in 6th cusp Moon is being viewed by Venus from 12th house is not conducive for B.J.P. to be in the power. An another huddle that would be relevant to narrate here on is Saturn; is more lucrative than other planets –as we know the people from lower class comes under tutelage of Saturn in realm of astrology and because of being lucrative by Saturn B.J.P. will have to struggle hard to obtain favors from that class. As it is said that B.J.P. is a party of upper class –behind all of these a lucrative but active Saturn is looming hard that will thwart B.J.P. to be complete acceptable all across the country. In 3rd house Saturn; Mars; Rahu and Jupiter are being observed by both Mercury and Ketu –all that huge combination turn B.J.P. out to be chauvinist that thwart it to be in the power.
B.J.P.; s arch-rival congress [I] has took rebirth on 22-11-1969 at Delhi. At that time Sagittarius ascendance was passing over. Now this time congress is under Maha Dasha of Mars; sub of Venus and sub sub of Mercury till 19-04-2009. According to K.P. system planet Mars is in mellow passion that shows very good signage and on the other side of the coin 10th house sub lord Venus is situated in 11th in association with Jupiter. It is acting alike Jupiter and promising favourable atmosphere till 19-04-2009 as regard hope of comeback but from 20-04-2009 sub-sub period of the sun will rule over that would bring about predicament to congress to woo favoure of people.
Having churned the planetary position out the consequence for both side; B.J.P. and congress; is tilted over the side of congress. At the mean time some mind-boggling occurrences over the political map of India is emerging as third front trying to be alive would emanate the result of neither kind for both big crocodiles –congress and BJ.P. But
As much as I might be construed how much has been empowered the congress by the planetary circle to be ruled over India is a hefty decision that can not be depreciated by the intrusion of third front. As other lengthy arithmetic through K.P.system says after election several parts of today’s third front would be relinquished and rejoined to congress thus we can say our next P.M. will be of CONGRESS.thanks.

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