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Saturday, May 16, 2009


A cultivator has right to be happy if he cultivated a hefty harvest in the field therefore I too have the right to be happy as mine a serial of predictions have gone true . Two or less than two months are over when I predicted about the confirm win of congress over arch rival Bhartiya Janta Party, Rahul Gandhi; s participation as cabinet minister under the priminitership of Man Mohan Sing, I.P.L.Cricket tournament would be nightmare for Rajasthan royals team, surgical operation over Taliban because of the pressure stored by America after 20-04-2009, all those predictions have come true not only provides rational reason for me to be happy but also consolidates the faith over scientific method named K.P.SYSTEM . Without help of this system I could never be so much stark to speak about these incidents above two months ago, no doubt it was K.P.SYSTEM that had made me helpful to vision into the offing. I am thankful to GURU JI LATE SRI KRISAN MURTTI THE ALONE CORRECT ASTROLOGER IN THE WORLD. And would like to promise all of you of more predictions will come to you with great confidently in the offing. Thanks.

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