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Sunday, June 28, 2009


It does no rain, even a single drop of rain is not shedding.
Those days, while it is raining not, temperature is aggravating beyond endurance as sun is shining at full volume of itself every life across the country is looking for gathering of cloud in the sky that is still far from their hope. Every body is asking about the rains possibilities to each other.
Media dreaded of starvation is no far from brewing. The class one officers in agricultural department are began to meeting over these precautions which are taken able against the turmoil is pervading over the country.
In a reply to the turmoil K.P.SYSTEM need to redress it as our astrological statistic calculation unravel the schedule of rain is about to shed over through out the country. As I could be known – the king of the planets sun will transit into AADRA constellation on 29-06-2009 at 27-50 meanwhile BRISHABH ascendance would be passing through.
It is nothing but signage of schedule start of rain therefore we need not to be worry.
In addition, I wish to predict more heavy rain in south and west proportion of the country which are MUMBAI , GUJARAT and MAHARASHTRA by name therefore people living in these aria should have precaution. thanks

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