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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Muddle over the future of BJP
First of all it was I who hoisted the flag of serial of predictions in the inclusion of debacle in general election -2009 for BJP. It was 6th of April 2009 when I had logged mine prediction on the blog – []
I have predicted also about what scenario is looming inside the party today’s, is nothing but brewing of a fray for to be new spearhead of the party, that kind of demand is being negated by dotty leadership of at present.
As on 6th April I emanated a stark result from astro-statistic calculation that there would be emersion of a young new leader after getting debacle in general election.
In the horoscopy of the BJP planet Venus, is not in cozy posture, is aggravating the situation for dotty leader Lal Krishna AAdwani to retain the stature. As we predicted more than two months ago that, there would be seismic bellows to bring a tip to toe change into body of party does seem to be occurred in the offing.
In side the party, despite of cobble together an honest rummage to be evoked
By the leaders, they are trying to cut wounds on the face of party by brewing fray over accountabilities for debacle in general election.
At last , I would like to end the issue with these few wards that change should be hailed.

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