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Sunday, June 21, 2009


And at last, fate has conferred the title of boss would be Pakistan of twenty/20world cricket. On 19-06-2009 in the same blog , I have made you known that fate had been heralded the verdict in the favoure of Pakistan and non other than cup is now already in the hands of Pakistan.
You need not to think over my inexistent vanity that can never tempt me to glorify my successful serial of predictions as I predicted all about the debacle for India and triumph for Pakistan over srilanka in the final match of 20/20 world cup in England rather than it I am trying to draw your attention towards the doleful situation of astrology in its own turf is being hard than hardest with day by day because of no other than self-appointed spearheads and some other kind moneyed who appears over televisions on numberless news channels and fiddle with taro cards and astrology. Their high take approach and gesture ultimately comes to know nothing but are apparatus to betray with the poor natives who had come to heave a sign of relief but in the world of consuming market who has no the manful ness to care of a weeping.
More in the inclusion of passing through plight of astrology within India or out, we will think over as I can not look it retaining in limbo. Thanks.

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