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Monday, July 13, 2009


Government and local administrative body of Indian fiscal capital-Mumbai seem to have become sleepy and reluctant about the hazardous mishap that has been hovering over Mumbai since 28-06-2009.
On 28-06-2009 it was I shashibhushantamare who predicted that rain in torrents over Mumbai had been intrigued by nine planets to aggravate the Mumbai.
Unfortunately, as it has been a vogue, no one has tried even a little bit to pay a due respect to the prediction about brewing problem of today through rain in torrents in Indian fiscal capital. And as of now, my prediction is to begin prevailing as rain in torrents is to overwhelming the Mumbai a thousands of e-mail are also raining over me.
In the safeguard of Mumbai I would like to predict that never think of off as planets are not in the mood of forgiving the Mumbai is set to be aggravated of it’s the worst.
In addition, I demand the Mumbai should be careful and government should also be ready to counter attack to any disaster.thanks.

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