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Saturday, July 18, 2009

HILLARY CLINTON shaking hands with INDIA in full joy

As the US secretary of state Hillary Clinton touched down the earth of India a new era for establishing FRIENDSHIP has got start between duo countries. It was first time when Mister Clinton as president of USA come Hillary Clinton was not along with him.
Hillary Clinton took birth on 26-10-1947 at 20 o’clock when Gemini ascendance and piece sign were passing over. The man or woman who takes birth under the shadow of these two becomes double minded during their life time. In the relevance of Hillary Clinton India should to be careful as she may feel no dither for a while in turning to be double tone.
No doubt she is a prowess and prudent lady who had switched her name off during election for a president of UNA. She chucked all this for to be secretary of state. It was that time when prudent planet Jupiter got her under the estimation for being president. It turned her to be on the back of B. OBAMA.
At present she is passing through the full period for 6th year of shining sun and sub of joyful Saturn that turns her to be nomadic up to 30-12-2010.
As Saturn is being ruled by mercury that is also owner of duo type sign therefore we hope of her return soon to India will be happened within one year.
In addition of Saturn, one noteble thing is that that Saturn is supping with cusp three that emanates some negative type signage which can get her dash with hiccup in politics.
Arrival of secretary of state will induce the both countries to be one on the issues to get Pakistan more aggressive over lingering question of terror.
After 2010, time will be great for her in the realm of world affairs as she will be passing through the period of dragonhead. During this fruitful period she will gain a lot of kudos for her work.thanks.

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