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Saturday, July 4, 2009

WHAT is predicting the KPSYSTEM about TOTAL SOLAR eclipse of 2009 JULY 22

A momentous augury that will start many astrological discoveries and will trigger a scientific revolution, is about to get us as a witness on 22 July 2009, when a total solar eclipse will happen in the Indian horizon.
Scientists are in waiting for this rarest of spectacles but in point of view of astrology, any one type of eclipse brings several kinds of effects over the proportion of earth and for its inhabitants where does it take place. An eclipse very often is having hazardous effects within itself for humankind rather than benefits.
On 22 July of 2009, a total solar eclipse is taking place that will be visible only from within a narrow corridor, which will traverse half of the earth.
This narrow corridor will emerge because of a few cities as total solar eclipse traverse over them in the proportion of their sky. these cities are as following by name-Surat,Bhavnagar,Vadodara,Indore,Ujjain,Bhopal,Sagar,Jabalpur,Allahabad,Varanasi,Gaya and patna. These cities are path of total solar eclipse.
As astrology has a new scientific version KPSYSTEM says, any eclipse comes to trigger a mishap. A eclipse is capable to emit out its tremendous effect within one year therefore forthcoming year, which should count from 22 July 2009 to 22 July of 2010, will be critical for those cities. Any type of un-natural mishap or mob is possible among those cities within one year as our KPSYSTEM foretell us. Thanks.

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