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Friday, August 28, 2009

TIME to go in EXILE

Dear friends
As you know, since last general election 2009 I have been emitting a undeterred flurry of predictions about perishing health of anther national leveled party called B.J.P.
As much as media is reporting us we can reckon of dissents over spearhead and faction is emerging within top level brass of the party. A faction within party is expecting a last thing is the resignation of L.K.Aadvani to justify the debacle that has unfortunately turned to be fate of party in general election 2009.while Mr.Aadvani and his seconds are trying their best to retain at the helm. The scenario that is brewing inside the party should not be bizarre for us as I am consecutively informing you folks in beforehand through the same blog, as of now , in the presence of you I would dare to articulate regarding B.J.P.’s future that a rollercoaster career as political party for B.J.P. is waiting ahead in the offing. B.J.P. will not deserve to be in power for a long as its nine planets are looming fiery and being productive of jinx in the cash of either Mr. Aadvani is outside or inside of the party. In the nutshell, I am sure that in the offing, B.J.P. would be turned to be a party of distasteful for the people who wish to be in power to serve the nation.
Now I am to narrate what the nine planets have as a tacit assent over the future of Mr. Aadvani took birth 08-11-1927 in Sindh in Pakistan when scorpio lagna was rising over.
Those days he is passing under the maha dasha of Saturn that is totally turned to be lethal and neither hygienic for his further health nor seems to retain his current stature.
What type of picture Saturn is cutting out of itself seems to have been penetrating mind and its cascading malefic impact pointing towards huddles for his health. He should be bewaring of it.
No doubt he carved out the present stature of B.J.P. that is the best of his and now he should know the time to slate the fresh youth vigor for new spearhead rather than it so happen that he keeps slobbering over at the helm to end his own oomph.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

more fresh BLOOD need to pump into...

Dear Friends !
What is being unfolded in Bhartiy janta party by time could be distasteful for many among us but could not be unexpected for me, as today a veteran stalwart but dotage leader YASHVANT SINGH has been expelled out of party.
The reason behind expulsion does matter not a lot as party need to be fulfilled with fresh whiff of youth vigour to lead the country in the offing.
In the same blog in April on 06 of running year , I have mentioned about muddle over the future of B.J.P. and second time once again in June 14th of 2009 I reiterated about possible seismic changes from tip to toe on the top level brass of the party. The expulsion of Yashwant Singh is not enough to gag the demands being wedged between youth vigour and dotage by the nine planets.
To debilitate the bedlams, which have been emerging because of debacle in last general election, a lot of leaders like L.K. Advani will have to scarify of their self in the long run interest of party is an ultimate way to save the 30 years old investment.
As it seems to me is very clear that Mr. L.K.Advani will have to give off the party whether he does it peacefully or sourly its hinge on his choice

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fake currency problem and PaKiStAn

dear friend !
It seems there is no end of misfortune for India as it keeps always struggling for a survival over a problem after another. Recently, India reels under several problems altogether – swine flu, no enough rain through out country and counterfeit currency that is being fuelled by Pakistan into India to ruin its growing huge economy over the world contour.
There are several of neighbors around India; some among them articulate their self true friend but literally all are for names sake. Pakistan, the hostile neighbor, keeps itself indulging into Indian individual affair more than own. It could known by Pakistan by being defeated three or more times in face to face war in the past that win over a country like India is not possible for country like Pakistan therefore its chosen the way of proxy war as its fuelling counterfeit currency into India. No doubt several of countries in world would have come across this type of problem but there is phenomenal profundity in the case of India that what type of superb quality fake currency is being fuelled into is impossible to produce through any local criminal body. The difference between fake and genuine currency can be understood only by profound reading into the fake currency has been how much sophisticatedly waged. When we go to view over fake or real, we become unable to say which one is fake currency!
Meanwhile Indian government finds itself helpless and unable to does any thing to curb over fake currency that is truly proving so much hygienic for national fiscal state that citizens are appalled and avert huge transaction in cash. They prefer an action through a bank than cash transaction.
Yet, we saw within a few months someone or more perpetrators with mammoth stock of fake currency have been nabbed from several parts of country is not enough to bridle over this strategic proxy war waged by Pakistan is idiotic country that wasting not only its precious time but also wasting power of money that should be splurged to ameliorate the doleful position of ruining citizens of Pakistan. World’s power one country America should not be considered less perpetrator than Pakistan as every time America’s granted hefty sum of dollar are being misused to buttress up the proxy war against na├»ve India.
In this huge scenario our astrological eye KP system is alone method that can help. I viewed over fake currency problem and found up to 2012 government of India could not do more than a little bit. Not enough but to buoy the confidence it seems according to ninth planets that the government might be success in bridling the fake currency problem from 11-12-2009 up 11-10-2010.
Tangible result would be visible only during 2012.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

INdePEndeNce CeLEBration UNder sWIne Flu ShaDoW

my dear friends !
On the auspicious day of 63rd Independence Day, I would like to congratulate all citizen of mine beloved country-‘’India’’.
No doubt, it’s a big day for us but seems not easy going as candle is burning at the both ends. This time atmosphere is not so much good feel as we feel every year. I think of mistaking that ‘’that ‘’peaceful and joyful Independence Day celebrating times have became the subject matter of reminiscence, since our hostile vicinal Pakistan decided of indulging it self into idiotic against improving India. The idiotic is being stuffed by Pakistan; the security is being tightened around the citizen by India, in between the life is gradually loosing its colors.
Yet though, I was talking of candle that was burning at both ends. No doubt, as of now India is passing through difficulties. No enough rain has not only aggravated the hit of sun but also devastated one fourth of the crop of this running year and on the other side, swine flu is knocking at the door. Swine flu is an elicit son of globalization of economy.
This dreadful pandemic swine flu has got the country perturbed and seems topsy-turvy is cropping up everywhere, yet we need not to be so much panic as medical directives suggest going with precaution is the best to notch up the win over this relentless disease.
Now we will talk of astrology, at the banging of current year 2009, in month April I had explored a series of ten predictions. Among these ten predictions I have mentioned about the off mood of monsoon that it would not be enough rain for India. Misfortunately this prediction has gone true. You may visit these ten predictions on my one another blog among a few of others. Blogs address is – Those ten prediction have been garnered under the heading –‘’what do the planets have for through out year-2009.’’
The mundane chart of 63rd Independence Day will restart its workout at 21-28 on 14-08-2009 when there will ascendants pieces moving over.
The major period of sun and sub of venues as well as sub sub period of Saturn will be efficacious and will give umbrage to knife ness of swine flu up to December 2009.
From September to December will be time of cooling down as far as question raises of knife ness of swine flu.
According to mundane chart, forthcoming days have set out a litmus test for Indian citizen as they will have to deal with pecuniary difficulties, physical problems and political turmoil.
In addition, I would like to dawn the attention towards India’s neighbors like china and pakistan these are several in number but no one is friendy, they keep their focus over their single agenda of fragmented India, having kept this view in mind for ever, our leader should behave with them as it seems to me very clear that the nine planets are in mood to brew difficulties for India within one year. Therefore we should be alert from all sides. Thanks.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A liTmUs teSt fOR T.V. SeRiAl -''sAch KA saMna''

In India, as it is a conservative country, people love the programs that maintain family values as they like watch all these programs altogether. But what is going on television as of now is being given in a nutshell -
When 60-something Yusuf Hussain revealed all about dark side of his personal life in a bid to win of Rs 1 crore on the star plus reality show SACH KA SAMNA, many viewers were surprised and most were shocked over the sordid detail of his personal life.
He confessed to everything from having physical relationship with a female relative, having an affair with a girl younger than his daughter, having sex with prostitutes, giving birth to an illegitimate child and even stealing bed sheets from a hotel.
The admissions totally belie the gentleman’s personality and conservative pattern following county’s life style.
After his tell-all-trip over television, Yusuf Hussain disclosed that he wanted to set free the demons within.
It’s certainly not something that you would be comfortable watching with your grandparents or even parents. It’s also not a show to be watched with kids. Hence it is aired late night from 10-30 to 11-00 pm which is just about perfect for an adult show.
However, as soon as SUCH KA SAMNA aired on 15-07-2009, conservative country India has got shocked so much that it raised bedlam in parliament demanding a ban for shocking value show that is actually Indian format of THE MOMENT OF TRUTH American show.
After uproar in parliament and a show cause notice from the government to star plus has been received over Sach ka Samna. The row over this controversial reality show has been reached the Delhi high court with petition saying its contents is completely against Indian values and morality. In the changing relevance future of this record rating gainer program seems to have been marred.
In this crucial turn alone kpsystem [scientific system in the realm of astrology] is capable to peep into future of this program is as following –
Sach Ka Samna has been aired on 15-07-2009 at 22-30 while Aquarius sign was passing over. Third cusp lord Jupiter belongs to shining sun and eleventh sub lord Saturn is being ruled by mercury that is situating in 6th cusp with dragonhead [ Ketu].
All these arithmetic calculations shows neither Delhi court nor broadcasting department thwart the program from being success , planets are in fevour of show will work at full stretch.
Yet, although program is quite lucky one but looming its journey would not be hassle-free for ever. A few type of new hurdle would emerge after from 19-08-2009 to 06-09-2009 to sum up for an end to this reality show but would not be efficacious and the show must go on. Thanks.