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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fake currency problem and PaKiStAn

dear friend !
It seems there is no end of misfortune for India as it keeps always struggling for a survival over a problem after another. Recently, India reels under several problems altogether – swine flu, no enough rain through out country and counterfeit currency that is being fuelled by Pakistan into India to ruin its growing huge economy over the world contour.
There are several of neighbors around India; some among them articulate their self true friend but literally all are for names sake. Pakistan, the hostile neighbor, keeps itself indulging into Indian individual affair more than own. It could known by Pakistan by being defeated three or more times in face to face war in the past that win over a country like India is not possible for country like Pakistan therefore its chosen the way of proxy war as its fuelling counterfeit currency into India. No doubt several of countries in world would have come across this type of problem but there is phenomenal profundity in the case of India that what type of superb quality fake currency is being fuelled into is impossible to produce through any local criminal body. The difference between fake and genuine currency can be understood only by profound reading into the fake currency has been how much sophisticatedly waged. When we go to view over fake or real, we become unable to say which one is fake currency!
Meanwhile Indian government finds itself helpless and unable to does any thing to curb over fake currency that is truly proving so much hygienic for national fiscal state that citizens are appalled and avert huge transaction in cash. They prefer an action through a bank than cash transaction.
Yet, we saw within a few months someone or more perpetrators with mammoth stock of fake currency have been nabbed from several parts of country is not enough to bridle over this strategic proxy war waged by Pakistan is idiotic country that wasting not only its precious time but also wasting power of money that should be splurged to ameliorate the doleful position of ruining citizens of Pakistan. World’s power one country America should not be considered less perpetrator than Pakistan as every time America’s granted hefty sum of dollar are being misused to buttress up the proxy war against na├»ve India.
In this huge scenario our astrological eye KP system is alone method that can help. I viewed over fake currency problem and found up to 2012 government of India could not do more than a little bit. Not enough but to buoy the confidence it seems according to ninth planets that the government might be success in bridling the fake currency problem from 11-12-2009 up 11-10-2010.
Tangible result would be visible only during 2012.

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