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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

INdePEndeNce CeLEBration UNder sWIne Flu ShaDoW

my dear friends !
On the auspicious day of 63rd Independence Day, I would like to congratulate all citizen of mine beloved country-‘’India’’.
No doubt, it’s a big day for us but seems not easy going as candle is burning at the both ends. This time atmosphere is not so much good feel as we feel every year. I think of mistaking that ‘’that ‘’peaceful and joyful Independence Day celebrating times have became the subject matter of reminiscence, since our hostile vicinal Pakistan decided of indulging it self into idiotic against improving India. The idiotic is being stuffed by Pakistan; the security is being tightened around the citizen by India, in between the life is gradually loosing its colors.
Yet though, I was talking of candle that was burning at both ends. No doubt, as of now India is passing through difficulties. No enough rain has not only aggravated the hit of sun but also devastated one fourth of the crop of this running year and on the other side, swine flu is knocking at the door. Swine flu is an elicit son of globalization of economy.
This dreadful pandemic swine flu has got the country perturbed and seems topsy-turvy is cropping up everywhere, yet we need not to be so much panic as medical directives suggest going with precaution is the best to notch up the win over this relentless disease.
Now we will talk of astrology, at the banging of current year 2009, in month April I had explored a series of ten predictions. Among these ten predictions I have mentioned about the off mood of monsoon that it would not be enough rain for India. Misfortunately this prediction has gone true. You may visit these ten predictions on my one another blog among a few of others. Blogs address is – Those ten prediction have been garnered under the heading –‘’what do the planets have for through out year-2009.’’
The mundane chart of 63rd Independence Day will restart its workout at 21-28 on 14-08-2009 when there will ascendants pieces moving over.
The major period of sun and sub of venues as well as sub sub period of Saturn will be efficacious and will give umbrage to knife ness of swine flu up to December 2009.
From September to December will be time of cooling down as far as question raises of knife ness of swine flu.
According to mundane chart, forthcoming days have set out a litmus test for Indian citizen as they will have to deal with pecuniary difficulties, physical problems and political turmoil.
In addition, I would like to dawn the attention towards India’s neighbors like china and pakistan these are several in number but no one is friendy, they keep their focus over their single agenda of fragmented India, having kept this view in mind for ever, our leader should behave with them as it seems to me very clear that the nine planets are in mood to brew difficulties for India within one year. Therefore we should be alert from all sides. Thanks.

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