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Saturday, August 1, 2009

A liTmUs teSt fOR T.V. SeRiAl -''sAch KA saMna''

In India, as it is a conservative country, people love the programs that maintain family values as they like watch all these programs altogether. But what is going on television as of now is being given in a nutshell -
When 60-something Yusuf Hussain revealed all about dark side of his personal life in a bid to win of Rs 1 crore on the star plus reality show SACH KA SAMNA, many viewers were surprised and most were shocked over the sordid detail of his personal life.
He confessed to everything from having physical relationship with a female relative, having an affair with a girl younger than his daughter, having sex with prostitutes, giving birth to an illegitimate child and even stealing bed sheets from a hotel.
The admissions totally belie the gentleman’s personality and conservative pattern following county’s life style.
After his tell-all-trip over television, Yusuf Hussain disclosed that he wanted to set free the demons within.
It’s certainly not something that you would be comfortable watching with your grandparents or even parents. It’s also not a show to be watched with kids. Hence it is aired late night from 10-30 to 11-00 pm which is just about perfect for an adult show.
However, as soon as SUCH KA SAMNA aired on 15-07-2009, conservative country India has got shocked so much that it raised bedlam in parliament demanding a ban for shocking value show that is actually Indian format of THE MOMENT OF TRUTH American show.
After uproar in parliament and a show cause notice from the government to star plus has been received over Sach ka Samna. The row over this controversial reality show has been reached the Delhi high court with petition saying its contents is completely against Indian values and morality. In the changing relevance future of this record rating gainer program seems to have been marred.
In this crucial turn alone kpsystem [scientific system in the realm of astrology] is capable to peep into future of this program is as following –
Sach Ka Samna has been aired on 15-07-2009 at 22-30 while Aquarius sign was passing over. Third cusp lord Jupiter belongs to shining sun and eleventh sub lord Saturn is being ruled by mercury that is situating in 6th cusp with dragonhead [ Ketu].
All these arithmetic calculations shows neither Delhi court nor broadcasting department thwart the program from being success , planets are in fevour of show will work at full stretch.
Yet, although program is quite lucky one but looming its journey would not be hassle-free for ever. A few type of new hurdle would emerge after from 19-08-2009 to 06-09-2009 to sum up for an end to this reality show but would not be efficacious and the show must go on. Thanks.

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