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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

more fresh BLOOD need to pump into...

Dear Friends !
What is being unfolded in Bhartiy janta party by time could be distasteful for many among us but could not be unexpected for me, as today a veteran stalwart but dotage leader YASHVANT SINGH has been expelled out of party.
The reason behind expulsion does matter not a lot as party need to be fulfilled with fresh whiff of youth vigour to lead the country in the offing.
In the same blog in April on 06 of running year , I have mentioned about muddle over the future of B.J.P. and second time once again in June 14th of 2009 I reiterated about possible seismic changes from tip to toe on the top level brass of the party. The expulsion of Yashwant Singh is not enough to gag the demands being wedged between youth vigour and dotage by the nine planets.
To debilitate the bedlams, which have been emerging because of debacle in last general election, a lot of leaders like L.K. Advani will have to scarify of their self in the long run interest of party is an ultimate way to save the 30 years old investment.
As it seems to me is very clear that Mr. L.K.Advani will have to give off the party whether he does it peacefully or sourly its hinge on his choice

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