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Friday, August 28, 2009

TIME to go in EXILE

Dear friends
As you know, since last general election 2009 I have been emitting a undeterred flurry of predictions about perishing health of anther national leveled party called B.J.P.
As much as media is reporting us we can reckon of dissents over spearhead and faction is emerging within top level brass of the party. A faction within party is expecting a last thing is the resignation of L.K.Aadvani to justify the debacle that has unfortunately turned to be fate of party in general election 2009.while Mr.Aadvani and his seconds are trying their best to retain at the helm. The scenario that is brewing inside the party should not be bizarre for us as I am consecutively informing you folks in beforehand through the same blog, as of now , in the presence of you I would dare to articulate regarding B.J.P.’s future that a rollercoaster career as political party for B.J.P. is waiting ahead in the offing. B.J.P. will not deserve to be in power for a long as its nine planets are looming fiery and being productive of jinx in the cash of either Mr. Aadvani is outside or inside of the party. In the nutshell, I am sure that in the offing, B.J.P. would be turned to be a party of distasteful for the people who wish to be in power to serve the nation.
Now I am to narrate what the nine planets have as a tacit assent over the future of Mr. Aadvani took birth 08-11-1927 in Sindh in Pakistan when scorpio lagna was rising over.
Those days he is passing under the maha dasha of Saturn that is totally turned to be lethal and neither hygienic for his further health nor seems to retain his current stature.
What type of picture Saturn is cutting out of itself seems to have been penetrating mind and its cascading malefic impact pointing towards huddles for his health. He should be bewaring of it.
No doubt he carved out the present stature of B.J.P. that is the best of his and now he should know the time to slate the fresh youth vigor for new spearhead rather than it so happen that he keeps slobbering over at the helm to end his own oomph.

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