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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

india OUT of champion trophy

Dear friend!
Australia kept their nerves intact under immense pressure and defeated Pakistan by two wickets at Centurion in South Africa and ensured their passage into the semi finals of champion trophy.  Along with the win of Australia, India’s hope hung on Pakistan beating Australia on Wednesday and than beating West Indies, however no professional outfit can help for survival based on what other teams do. Having known such a doleful plight of Indian cricket team, it seems so bizarre that there are the days when Indian cricket team looks so strong that it can prevail over the world and there are the  days when it plays like a footloose and it becomes difficult to believe on buoyant mood of our ability in cricket. Not to speak of more about cricket ability, even posture of players were not cutting sound impact.  Overwhelming fatigue was spreading everywhere in their game. After being defeated all players including skipper Mahindra Singh Dhoni were busy with calculator in hands calculating the winning chances of Pakistan against Australia, but all hopes have come a cropper as India gets out of tournament.

Dear friend, I know you would be trying to come out of umbrage giving state which has been brought by Indian cricket team. It could take a little bit more time for who love cricket more than me.  It could not shock me so much as I was well known of the debacle that Indian team has derived from tournament. It was a few days before when I predicted in the same blog about lackluster show of Indian cricket team through out tournament has gone true. once again i become thoroughly success that it is possible to predict about a cricket match or tournament. no doubt it could be possible because of alone superb astrological system in the world is called K.P.SYSTEM.  

Thursday, September 24, 2009

CONGRESS and its alliance has fated once again to rule over MAHARASHTRA

Dear friends!
After successful prediction about assembly election, I am once again at your service to get you known about forthcoming election for Rajya Sabha in Maharashtra that will hold on 13th October 2009. There are four mainstream parties in Maharashtra to be rivalry against each other. Among these four by the process of affiliation have turned into two alliances as congress has an alliance with NCP and B.J.P. has one with Shiv Sena.  An another party to whom I  like no more has constrained me to grant it a little more space  as it seems to play a key role during  forthcoming  election against all the parties in Maharashtra.
As far as, matter concerns to the winner one who will be after election.  In astrological view the planetary circle seems to have been decided to tilt over the side of congress and its alliance N.C.P.  This alliance looks no far from to retrieve the power in the state, while B.J.P. and it alliance Shiv Sena has doomed not  to be successful and it frail demonstration will constrain it to think over their fundamental matrix .  In planetary circle, particularly Venus is ruling out the semblance of being success of B.J.P. and its alliance while sun, moon, raahu and ketu are invoking Raajyog for congress to occupy the power once again for next five years that means B.J.P. yet has more time to introspect for rest of the plight full future. Thanks.   

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh ! the same misfortunate !

Dear friends!
Once again, I’m at your service as going to provide you very important information about ongoing champion trophy [some said it mini world cup]
Which one will prevail over rest of the all?
As you know, at several of time it so happened when I made you known a long before some thing special was going to be happened with Indian cricket team and now, at present I once again go to the same!
A few days is passed when it was Aamaawshya, on that day Indian cricket team has left Mumbai for a better trip to South Africa to join champion trophy. In the eye of astrology an Aamaawshya date is a sterile date which one is to avoidable from taking start for any type of meaty purpose, but misfortunately Indian cricket team took start on that jinxed date.
On the other side , there are more than two players are playing in Indian cricket team while their nine planets are on a sojourn with misfortune therefore two or more would feel constrained of not performing even up to what have been their average level. Its cause could be any one either injury or personal.
Scheduled match between India and Pakistan will start on 26-09-2009 that one day is also not looming biased in the favor of Indian team.
In the nutshell I feel constrained of saying that Indian cricket team seems to have been doomed to be failure.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Dear friends
From last fortnight a new debate is brewing through out country concerning to last atomic test which was organized by Vajpayee government in 1998 under the supervision of Dr.Abddul Kalam Aajad was of no use. It’s come to my mind that I should know the truth of this bitter grapevine. I took the plunge accepting the help of astrology in this regard.
As we well known that it was regime of Indira Gandhi in 1974 on 18th of May when India tested its first atomic power at Pokhran in Rajasthan. At that time it was Makar Lagan ruling over Pokhran. And after that one, the second test in 1998 happened when it was Singh Lagan prevailing over the same place. If we read into both test’s Mandan chart, we easily get one common finding is that, the nine planets is having clear connection between Lagan and 11th house that means there is no doubt about fulfillment of motto.
In the Mandan chart of the first victim of atom bomb which dropped by America over Japan on 06-08-1945 when Kark Lagan was pervading over. In these two charts, in the 12th house the master of Lagan, moon is being aggravated by whole malefic planets and that aggravation emanated demise for countless people.
According to India’s first test chart, it is moon underneath Raahu is passing through these days that are an umbrage giving time, that’s why nation will feel constrained as it would be unable to stop the entire grapevine.
After so long profound calculation I feel myself confident to articulate the successful yield of atom test is quite clear and yield of test is enough as India will need not for another test. Thanks.

Monday, September 14, 2009

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Dear friends!
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Sunday, September 6, 2009

war is at the door of INDIA , IF awakening not !

Dear friends!
Last month was august on 9th when on the occasion of India’s Independence Day I tried to reckon over the future of India for up to one year. This attempt has got me known that the neighbors of India are not looking in the mood to lets India live at the peace. This bugbear has not wasted even a full month and turned to be stark truth as India’s fastest news channel ‘’AAJ-TAK’’on 06-09-2009 got us reported that our rival neighbor china is trying to notch up a written intrusion within side about 2 kilometers of India from L.O.C. Mack Mohan.
It is a profound attempt brought by china to Indian sovereignty that should be solved out without a little bit embarrassment so that it could be turn out a lesson for them who think of no good for India. Tough-ness should not be too much hard when we go to answer the intrusion, yet I fear not of war as the nine planets are looming not in mood to pitch a war between duo countries. Matter is being expected precisely dissolve off.
authority should be bewaring of. It is virtually certain that this and all those likewise intrusions are being brought within Indian by china are coming in order to abut a specific long term skullduggery therefore Indian should be bewaring of. you may visit my this prediction under this heading- ''independence celebration under swine flu shadow'' in the same blog.