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Thursday, September 24, 2009

CONGRESS and its alliance has fated once again to rule over MAHARASHTRA

Dear friends!
After successful prediction about assembly election, I am once again at your service to get you known about forthcoming election for Rajya Sabha in Maharashtra that will hold on 13th October 2009. There are four mainstream parties in Maharashtra to be rivalry against each other. Among these four by the process of affiliation have turned into two alliances as congress has an alliance with NCP and B.J.P. has one with Shiv Sena.  An another party to whom I  like no more has constrained me to grant it a little more space  as it seems to play a key role during  forthcoming  election against all the parties in Maharashtra.
As far as, matter concerns to the winner one who will be after election.  In astrological view the planetary circle seems to have been decided to tilt over the side of congress and its alliance N.C.P.  This alliance looks no far from to retrieve the power in the state, while B.J.P. and it alliance Shiv Sena has doomed not  to be successful and it frail demonstration will constrain it to think over their fundamental matrix .  In planetary circle, particularly Venus is ruling out the semblance of being success of B.J.P. and its alliance while sun, moon, raahu and ketu are invoking Raajyog for congress to occupy the power once again for next five years that means B.J.P. yet has more time to introspect for rest of the plight full future. Thanks.   

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