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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

india OUT of champion trophy

Dear friend!
Australia kept their nerves intact under immense pressure and defeated Pakistan by two wickets at Centurion in South Africa and ensured their passage into the semi finals of champion trophy.  Along with the win of Australia, India’s hope hung on Pakistan beating Australia on Wednesday and than beating West Indies, however no professional outfit can help for survival based on what other teams do. Having known such a doleful plight of Indian cricket team, it seems so bizarre that there are the days when Indian cricket team looks so strong that it can prevail over the world and there are the  days when it plays like a footloose and it becomes difficult to believe on buoyant mood of our ability in cricket. Not to speak of more about cricket ability, even posture of players were not cutting sound impact.  Overwhelming fatigue was spreading everywhere in their game. After being defeated all players including skipper Mahindra Singh Dhoni were busy with calculator in hands calculating the winning chances of Pakistan against Australia, but all hopes have come a cropper as India gets out of tournament.

Dear friend, I know you would be trying to come out of umbrage giving state which has been brought by Indian cricket team. It could take a little bit more time for who love cricket more than me.  It could not shock me so much as I was well known of the debacle that Indian team has derived from tournament. It was a few days before when I predicted in the same blog about lackluster show of Indian cricket team through out tournament has gone true. once again i become thoroughly success that it is possible to predict about a cricket match or tournament. no doubt it could be possible because of alone superb astrological system in the world is called K.P.SYSTEM.  

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