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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Dear friends
From last fortnight a new debate is brewing through out country concerning to last atomic test which was organized by Vajpayee government in 1998 under the supervision of Dr.Abddul Kalam Aajad was of no use. It’s come to my mind that I should know the truth of this bitter grapevine. I took the plunge accepting the help of astrology in this regard.
As we well known that it was regime of Indira Gandhi in 1974 on 18th of May when India tested its first atomic power at Pokhran in Rajasthan. At that time it was Makar Lagan ruling over Pokhran. And after that one, the second test in 1998 happened when it was Singh Lagan prevailing over the same place. If we read into both test’s Mandan chart, we easily get one common finding is that, the nine planets is having clear connection between Lagan and 11th house that means there is no doubt about fulfillment of motto.
In the Mandan chart of the first victim of atom bomb which dropped by America over Japan on 06-08-1945 when Kark Lagan was pervading over. In these two charts, in the 12th house the master of Lagan, moon is being aggravated by whole malefic planets and that aggravation emanated demise for countless people.
According to India’s first test chart, it is moon underneath Raahu is passing through these days that are an umbrage giving time, that’s why nation will feel constrained as it would be unable to stop the entire grapevine.
After so long profound calculation I feel myself confident to articulate the successful yield of atom test is quite clear and yield of test is enough as India will need not for another test. Thanks.

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