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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh ! the same misfortunate !

Dear friends!
Once again, I’m at your service as going to provide you very important information about ongoing champion trophy [some said it mini world cup]
Which one will prevail over rest of the all?
As you know, at several of time it so happened when I made you known a long before some thing special was going to be happened with Indian cricket team and now, at present I once again go to the same!
A few days is passed when it was Aamaawshya, on that day Indian cricket team has left Mumbai for a better trip to South Africa to join champion trophy. In the eye of astrology an Aamaawshya date is a sterile date which one is to avoidable from taking start for any type of meaty purpose, but misfortunately Indian cricket team took start on that jinxed date.
On the other side , there are more than two players are playing in Indian cricket team while their nine planets are on a sojourn with misfortune therefore two or more would feel constrained of not performing even up to what have been their average level. Its cause could be any one either injury or personal.
Scheduled match between India and Pakistan will start on 26-09-2009 that one day is also not looming biased in the favor of Indian team.
In the nutshell I feel constrained of saying that Indian cricket team seems to have been doomed to be failure.

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