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Sunday, September 6, 2009

war is at the door of INDIA , IF awakening not !

Dear friends!
Last month was august on 9th when on the occasion of India’s Independence Day I tried to reckon over the future of India for up to one year. This attempt has got me known that the neighbors of India are not looking in the mood to lets India live at the peace. This bugbear has not wasted even a full month and turned to be stark truth as India’s fastest news channel ‘’AAJ-TAK’’on 06-09-2009 got us reported that our rival neighbor china is trying to notch up a written intrusion within side about 2 kilometers of India from L.O.C. Mack Mohan.
It is a profound attempt brought by china to Indian sovereignty that should be solved out without a little bit embarrassment so that it could be turn out a lesson for them who think of no good for India. Tough-ness should not be too much hard when we go to answer the intrusion, yet I fear not of war as the nine planets are looming not in mood to pitch a war between duo countries. Matter is being expected precisely dissolve off.
authority should be bewaring of. It is virtually certain that this and all those likewise intrusions are being brought within Indian by china are coming in order to abut a specific long term skullduggery therefore Indian should be bewaring of. you may visit my this prediction under this heading- ''independence celebration under swine flu shadow'' in the same blog.

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