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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yes ! I am talking about VASUNDHRA RAJE SINDHIYA !

Rajasthan, a fertile land for martyrdom, has been very much productive land of such belligerent sons who never dithered for a while to immolate their life for sake of national welfares. There are thousands of such names who have had the martyrdom. It would be tiresome if we set our self to count the names, the findings would be countless in number. Yet though few are well-known as far as modern Indian history concerns, BALRAM JAKHAD, JAGNNATH PAHAADIA, MAHAARANI SINDHIA, JASWANT SINGH, and RAJESH PAYLOT are a few names among them we can utter without laying stress on mind.
There is a name that has been underestimated by not only people but also by its own party too. Yes, of course, I am talking about no other than VASUNDHARA RAJE SINDHIYA, a daughter of Rajasthan’s soil who cares no more of her life if people need for it.   
Yes, it was VASUNDHARA RAJE SINDHIYA, who has been sidelined from mainstream politics by the citizens of the state during last two elections both general election 2009 and election for state. Her party BJP has humiliated him more than whatever people of the state mandated through election. Party has got VASUNDHARA RAJE SINDHIYA to resign the post of leadership opposition in RAJYASABHA.  No doubt she has abided by according to order but her resignation modus-operandi was totally different as she left the top brass waiting for and gathered gloom over resignation until last moments. The procedure was nothing but example of her political savvy which she played well.
VASUNDHRA RAJE, RAJASTHAN’s first female chief minister, has initiated into politics in 1982. She took birth in 1953 in MUMBAI when MITHUN lagn was rising over. It was MAHADASHA of the moon when she becomes chief minister and in the same period of the moon she got shorn of power after completion of the terms.
 Her party can not keep her retaining for a long as a bright future is waiting for her. She is like seething volcano which can blast with smack at any moment as she needs no more any party's strenth to gain groundswell. This underlying truth should be understood as fast as possible by BJP for its massive health. A new change in her horoscopy from 02-01-2010 willfully wants to bring to her political carrier. ASHOK GAHLOT too, should be warring of VASUNDHARA RAJE’s promising future which seems to be turned into a nightmare for him. Next eight years of SINDHIYA would be acknowledged as for her political kudos.thanks.

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