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Friday, December 11, 2009

A lot of litmus test for TIGER WOODS !

A cocktail waitress has told a magazine she had 20 ‘’love’’ encounters with golfer TIGER WOODS over 31 months. The allegation came as woods was charged over a mystery affair with nightclub hostess RACHEL UCHITEL. A childhood friend of TIGER WOODS allegedly bought air tickets to Australia for RACHEL UCHITEL, the New York nightclub promoter who denies having an affair with the golfer. With TIGER WOODS’s alleged number of mistresses shooting up like mercury in summer, his wife ELIN NORDEGREN has reportedly walked out on him. News reports pushed to 10 the number of women linking themselves to TIGER WOODS.
It seems that with TIGER Woods’s alleged affairs threatening to eclipse his record on golf course, with every passing day the list of his transgression is achieving a new high. RACHEL UCHITEL, JAMIEE GRUBBS, MINDY LAWTON, KALIKA MOQUIN, CORI RIST and HOLLY SAMPSON are a few names among those women who are vouching TIGER WOODS for betrayal.
His wife ELIN NORDEGREN has walked out as a porn star added to list of husband’s sex flings. Beside this misshapen it becomes virtually clear that nothing good is occurring with American golfer who is perhaps the best young golfer in history. He catapulted to fame when he gave a record-setting performance the like of which golf had never seen before. With a record-setting of 270, he become the youngest winner and fist person of mixed race in the 61 years history of master to achieve such glory. He won the world cup for both individual and team performance.
TIGER WOODS, a billionaire golfer, gets 97percents of his income through endorsements with several world class companies. But it seems that in the offing retaining with them would be a difficult task for him as list of his transgressions is getting every day a new high.
Let us see what does his planets are saying about all these brewing bedlam. TIGER WOODS took birth on 30-12-1975 at LONGBEACH in USA; it was cancer ascendance when he took birth. At present major period of sun is on progress till 2012. The sun is being derived by Venus is a planet of womanish and sex. Under the mastership of sun, Saturn’s small period till 28-04-2010 is to rule over TIGER WOODS. All this astrological calculation does mean TIGER WOODS’s brewing problems will exist rather longer. Next one  planet mercury is also looming in a hard shape; there are ample apprehension aggravating to bring separation between TIGER WOODS and his wife. Within a very next few time he will have to say quit with giant endorsement. He will have to face raging problems at both fronts outside and inside of the house. No doubt virtually it is clear that next New Year 2010 is coming to saddle him with lots of hazards. He should…..thank.


  1. Every happiness to you and yours in the New Year. You blog is outside my understanding but I'm nonetheless fascinated by your knowledge.
    Warmest regards,

  2. This was sad about him. He looked so sweet all the time. Very sad.