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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today is Sonia Gandhi‘s 64th birthday !

Today is Sonia Gandhi‘s 64th birthday!
God bless her with long and healthy life to love India!
She, the president of Indian congress, deserve to be congratulated and blessed by we all people of great India. This prowess lady had set herself before us as a better instance of how a lonely lady could redress the ordeals; after the death of her dear hubby RAJIV GANDHI, she wielded the dreadful situation very carefully and proved the caliber for that GANDHI family is well known all across India. Despite of being hailed from such a foreign country wherein no one knows anything about Indian culture and formality, she has turned herself into Indian traditional ‘’BAHOO’’ who keeps herself indulging into her single agenda looking  welfare for whole won family. It was no other than SONIA GANDHI who slobbered not over the power when it was being asked for to ride on. How many leaders do you have seen during through out your life who dared saying no for being prim minister of India?  Of course she was SONIA!
No more time has passed away when congress party was known as moribund political party and being recognized as a futureless political organization that could even think not for retrieving the power in ensuing. But it was SONIA GANDHI who turned the tide and well balanced the equations in favour.
Sonia Gandhi took birth on 09-12-1946 at Luciana in Italy. Virgo ascendance rules over her. At present she is passing through major period of planet ketu.
Ketu is in the star of mercury that one sets ketu to impair its good result whatever wants to give her. According to astrological mathematics calculation next coming year 2010 is over whole not beneficial for her in points of view political career. It seems she would have to encounter a few awkward situations that would bring a lot of turmoil for her. Opposition parties would try to rule over her and she would be failure to manage to carve out the mayhems all around her. Faction within her party would be another reason for her restlessness. Over whole New Year is coming to test her leadership quality and I am afraid of her not being success. Thanks.

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