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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

super model,pop star, France first lady now wants to be mommy!

A day after their romantic sunset tryst with the Taj Mahal, the French first couple prayed for a son at the Fatehpur Sikri dargah [tomb] of Sufi Saint Salim Chisti just as Mugal Emperor Akbar had done centuries ago.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni are on an official but fleeting visit to India. In a bid to fulfill his long cherished dream of conceiving a son through his third wife Carla Bruni, they both reached Sikri at Sufi saint’s Dargah who has been famous for fulfilling all the sticky wishes whatever its devotee lust for.
President Sarkozy and first lady offered tributes at the tomb of Saint Salim Chisti and prayed for a son even though he has three sons and Calra Bruni has one through their previous marriages.
In a through out view of astrology, President Nikolas sarkozy is being ruled by Virgo ascendance as he took birth in Paris on 28-01-1955 while Carla Bruni is twelve years younger than his hubby took birth on 23-12-1967 in Torino Italy. In a prima facie view over first couple’s duo mundane charts, we conceive them of being reeled under the malefic effect of planet mars [Mangal] that shows the trauma they both have languished though out their previous marriages lives. President Sarkozy is, at present, being directed by two major planets Jupiter and the moon through their major period up to 31-03-2012.
Both significant planets are occupying very important cups of Mr. Sarkozy’s birth chart and make a salmon promise to confer a male child to the couple just before 31-03-2012. I think such a flabbergasting incident is going to be happened in history of modern France that a president is ready to be daddy while presiding over country.
Meanwhile, both planets seems to have decided not endorse the second term as president of France for Mr. Sarkozy. The planets are wholesomely denying for his second chance in the president office in Paris.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tiger woods is once again on the prowl.

Monday, February 1, 2010

a BUFF heroin who is COMFORTABLE with gun !

Dear friends,
When I began to talk about the buff heroin in HOLLYWOOD who is comfortable with gun and martial art, and when I began to talk about a heroin whose slim beautiful body can turn itself into a lethal weapon by the virtue of her martial art to destroy all the bars of security arranged by hazardous villain, no doubt, you would not be failure reckoning about the heroin, I think it would be so easy as plus one into one.
Yes, you are right and well recognized; she is no other than ANGELINA JOLIE THE BUFF HEROIN in HOLLYWOOD. She is a heroin notoriously offbeat.
. It was ANGELINA JOLIE’s film ‘’TOMB RAIDER’’ that had copped up the most money ever made on the opening. It was also a film based on a video game launched her global reputation as a female action star.
ANGELINA JOLIE began working as a fashion model when she was only 14th years old. Her professional movie career began in 1993 when she played her first leading role in the low budget film titled ‘’ CYBORG ‘’.
ANGELINA JOLIE has been highly regarded for her acting abilities but actually only after 2001 she could become international superstar and now she has a face value, her appearance in any film is a guarantee to be highly grossing film to date.
It would be relishing not when we try to know the momentum of her marriage life as she waged two times to keep them alive but it has tantalized her by vision of happiest and long living marriage life. The tantalization by marriages has constrained ANGELINA JOLIE to go with film actor BRAD PITT under a living relationship that is still ongoing since 2004 or 2005.
If we talk not about ANGELINA’s adopted children, these are six in number, it would be incomplete Endeavour to understand this gorgeous heroin’s through out life. They come from several parts of world. It is nothing but throbbing heart’s feeling of a gorgeous heroin towards innocent children. She not only feels sick about children but also well known for her humanitarian works as she is aware of world wide humanitarian crises. Jolie was slated for ‘UNHCR’GOOD WILL AMBASSADOR in 2001 by UNHCR headquarters in GENEVA. On her motives for joining UNHCR she said-‘’ we can not close our self off to information and ignore fact that millions of people are out there suffering, I honestly want to help them. All of us would like to believe that if we are in a bad situation some one would help us.
From starting of her film career up to till today. She achieved so many awards, just as academy award, golden globe award, screen actors guild award, MTV movie award and Bafta award. Above of all she won the Oscar as best supporting actress in 2000.
As far as question rise of astrology, what planetary equations are saying about this beautiful heroin took birth in 1975 in LOSANGELES when cancer ascendant was rising over. At present she is passing through under the major period of planet Venus and sub period of planet Saturn. This major period is so much valuable period in several ways for ANGELINA JOLIE. Both major planets may bring a little bit restlessness situations between BRAD and JOLIE but as much as I groped about the tide will pester not for too longer. ANGELINA’s moon sign Pisces is flaunting that from inner side she feels every thing with great depth and it turns her into a little bit of philosopher. No doubt it is a quality but some time it could be major reason to be victimized.
In the mundane chart of ANGELINA planet sun is quite enough stronger, the sun will bring more happiness to him and flourish her name and fame more than whatever she hope against dazzling quality of acting. No doubt running and forthcoming, both years will span for new achievements while her next film titled ‘’SOLT’’ most be super duper hit film.
It seems to me the planets are set to bring a new high in number of her six children and she will receive a warm welcome as she has a promising future.
At last a few wards about her bandwagon of tattoo that’s very often she tries to flaunt in open. She says-I love tattoo because it helps me to drug my best out when I acts.

Friday, January 8, 2010

QuEsTioN oVeR HerOisM oF JACkie chAn !

Dear friends,
It was Jackie Chan’s debut film titled ‘drunken master’, that had left the audience carving for more and brought the astounding reminiscence of martial art back once again to the audience after Bruce lie’s martial art full pack action films .it was his first super duper hit film as far as matter concerns to grasping money at box office. After drunken master he overwhelmed the viewers through out world with martial art full pack action films just one back to another. I can utter a few titles for instance just as - rush hours, the big brawl, all these mentioned film had cemented Jackie Chan’s stature as a buoyant action hero who can bring success at box-office and become countable hero among all other in the realm of Hollywood whose presence is known enough reason to be success.
Jackie Chan married Taiwan’s actress LIN FENG JIAO in 1983 and they had a son and he had a daughter from an affair with another Taiwan film actress named Elian Ng. this affair made separation between he and his wife.
Jackie Chan is used to be moot point, on so many occasion he dragged restlessness out for himself , as on participation in the torch relay for the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing he spoke out against demonstrators that ’they better not get anywhere near me’
On an another occasion he said …in the 10 years after Hong Kong’s return to Chinese rule...I can see, I am not sure if its good to have freedom or not’…he went on to say ‘’if you’re too free, you’re like the way Hong Kong is now. It is very chaotic. Taiwan is also chaotic, I am gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled and if we are not being controlled, we will just do what we want. All these controversial statement had brought a big brawl for him. It was being listen a grapevine during ‘’Myth’’ film shooting in 2005 about Indian film actress Mallika Sheraavat was in love with him.
According to Indian astrology Jackie Chan took birth on 07-04-1954 when Taurus ascendant was raising over Hong Kong. At present he is passing through major period of Saturn and sub period of Venus.
In his mundane chart there are two benefic planets Jupiter and moon preside over in ascendant. These two planets conjunction is very usually seen in those charts that are famous and very successful in their life as we can see in the Jackie’s chart. In his horoscopy as much as Jupiter is stronger and beneficial so much Saturn is harder and seems no mood in forgiving him. Misfortunately the major period of Saturn is on for rather more long time from now onwards. Saturn will lay stress on his health, wealth and family wise also. He should be bewaring of his jumping action as he prefers doing himself. On the other side his next film ‘’ the spy next door’’ will not be able to grasp money so much as his films have been used to in the past.
I think the real ordeal starts from here now onwards. A counter part in the shape of his son’s career would bring giant worry for him in the offing. The moral of the story is that Jackie will have to face more litmus tests to balance his ‘’heroism’’
have a look of Jackie's next new film, log on...

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