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Friday, January 8, 2010

QuEsTioN oVeR HerOisM oF JACkie chAn !

Dear friends,
It was Jackie Chan’s debut film titled ‘drunken master’, that had left the audience carving for more and brought the astounding reminiscence of martial art back once again to the audience after Bruce lie’s martial art full pack action films .it was his first super duper hit film as far as matter concerns to grasping money at box office. After drunken master he overwhelmed the viewers through out world with martial art full pack action films just one back to another. I can utter a few titles for instance just as - rush hours, the big brawl, all these mentioned film had cemented Jackie Chan’s stature as a buoyant action hero who can bring success at box-office and become countable hero among all other in the realm of Hollywood whose presence is known enough reason to be success.
Jackie Chan married Taiwan’s actress LIN FENG JIAO in 1983 and they had a son and he had a daughter from an affair with another Taiwan film actress named Elian Ng. this affair made separation between he and his wife.
Jackie Chan is used to be moot point, on so many occasion he dragged restlessness out for himself , as on participation in the torch relay for the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing he spoke out against demonstrators that ’they better not get anywhere near me’
On an another occasion he said …in the 10 years after Hong Kong’s return to Chinese rule...I can see, I am not sure if its good to have freedom or not’…he went on to say ‘’if you’re too free, you’re like the way Hong Kong is now. It is very chaotic. Taiwan is also chaotic, I am gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled and if we are not being controlled, we will just do what we want. All these controversial statement had brought a big brawl for him. It was being listen a grapevine during ‘’Myth’’ film shooting in 2005 about Indian film actress Mallika Sheraavat was in love with him.
According to Indian astrology Jackie Chan took birth on 07-04-1954 when Taurus ascendant was raising over Hong Kong. At present he is passing through major period of Saturn and sub period of Venus.
In his mundane chart there are two benefic planets Jupiter and moon preside over in ascendant. These two planets conjunction is very usually seen in those charts that are famous and very successful in their life as we can see in the Jackie’s chart. In his horoscopy as much as Jupiter is stronger and beneficial so much Saturn is harder and seems no mood in forgiving him. Misfortunately the major period of Saturn is on for rather more long time from now onwards. Saturn will lay stress on his health, wealth and family wise also. He should be bewaring of his jumping action as he prefers doing himself. On the other side his next film ‘’ the spy next door’’ will not be able to grasp money so much as his films have been used to in the past.
I think the real ordeal starts from here now onwards. A counter part in the shape of his son’s career would bring giant worry for him in the offing. The moral of the story is that Jackie will have to face more litmus tests to balance his ‘’heroism’’
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