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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

super model,pop star, France first lady now wants to be mommy!

A day after their romantic sunset tryst with the Taj Mahal, the French first couple prayed for a son at the Fatehpur Sikri dargah [tomb] of Sufi Saint Salim Chisti just as Mugal Emperor Akbar had done centuries ago.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni are on an official but fleeting visit to India. In a bid to fulfill his long cherished dream of conceiving a son through his third wife Carla Bruni, they both reached Sikri at Sufi saint’s Dargah who has been famous for fulfilling all the sticky wishes whatever its devotee lust for.
President Sarkozy and first lady offered tributes at the tomb of Saint Salim Chisti and prayed for a son even though he has three sons and Calra Bruni has one through their previous marriages.
In a through out view of astrology, President Nikolas sarkozy is being ruled by Virgo ascendance as he took birth in Paris on 28-01-1955 while Carla Bruni is twelve years younger than his hubby took birth on 23-12-1967 in Torino Italy. In a prima facie view over first couple’s duo mundane charts, we conceive them of being reeled under the malefic effect of planet mars [Mangal] that shows the trauma they both have languished though out their previous marriages lives. President Sarkozy is, at present, being directed by two major planets Jupiter and the moon through their major period up to 31-03-2012.
Both significant planets are occupying very important cups of Mr. Sarkozy’s birth chart and make a salmon promise to confer a male child to the couple just before 31-03-2012. I think such a flabbergasting incident is going to be happened in history of modern France that a president is ready to be daddy while presiding over country.
Meanwhile, both planets seems to have decided not endorse the second term as president of France for Mr. Sarkozy. The planets are wholesomely denying for his second chance in the president office in Paris.