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Saturday, December 21, 2013

A restless sizzling revolution!
Arvind Kejrival took birth within the hours when Taurus ascendance was ruling over in horizon!
Taurus means for a sheep that is fraught with anger and ready to have a stroke against corruption.
For keeping the truth intact Mr. Kejrival seems to have been ready to take pain of high-risk.
Mr. Kejrival who took birth on 16-08-1968 is now passing through major period of Jupiter and sub of Venus is astrologically adequate for enthroning him as chief minister of Delhi.
He has a powerful planetary conjunction associating in his horoscope
that will consider him the game-changer as planets made him adamant one who seems determined to bring Indian politics to its new makeover and astrological view endorse his success in mission impossible!
No doubt, he is cutting a sorry picture of a hobbling horse on the chess board of Indian politics but it will be the day some one or the other when he would be called a person impossible!          

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